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Does wine give rise to the occasion, or does the occasion give rise to the wine? An experience, or a companion to experiences? – There is no need to choose.
Let’s follow our instincts and savor the moment according to our own taste.

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Message from the Winemaker

Thoughts from Sándor Mile

Our family winery began its official operation in the summer of 2020 on the vineyard of Siójut, in the northeastern corner of the Balatonboglár wine region. We started viticulture and winemaking as a hobby 20 years ago with a 19th-century cellar, our newly built press house and 12 rows of vines. Slowly but surely, what began as a shared weekend family activity has turned into a near-daily job demanding a full commitment.

Currently, we farm on nearly six hectares, where we have established a blue frankish vineyard. In addition to blue frankish, our repertoire includes aromatic whites, as well as rosé cuvées and fruity light reds. Our long-term goal is to expand our processing capacity, renovate our tasting room, and fully utilize the possibilities of hospitality.

It is a great joy for us to achieve our plans as part of a growing and developing community.

The art of


An adventurous journey. Often a game and sweaty work, in the wind and snow, in the sweltering summer heat.
A unique, complex process that moves the heart and soul.


For us, this process is the fusion of tradition and modern technology. We use both manual and mechanical harvesting. The timing is determined by the optimal acid-sugar balance.

Sorting and Pressing

After the harvest, we transfer the grapes to the processing facility as quickly as possible. Both white and red grapes are initially directed to the crusher-destemmer, followed by immediate pressing for white grapes and skin fermentation for red grapes.


Fermentation at us always takes place in stainless steel tanks.

Aging and Bottling

For aging, both stainless steel tanks and barrels are suitable, but of course, there is a wide selection of containers and tanks fit for fermentation. In this process, both experiential knowledge, perception, experimentation, and luck all play a role. After aging, the wine can be prepared with filtration or sedimentation.

Our vineyard in the



We also have offerings

to suit Your taste

Light, fruity, spicy, or rather subtle flavor? – You decide!

For community moments

For easy conversations

People quickly understand each other over a glass of good wine.

Beautiful on the outside

Delicious and delightful on the inside

Life is like a bottle of intoxicating wine. Some are content with reading the label on the bottle. Others taste to discover what’s inside.

The journey of wine

from the vineyard to the glass

Humility, respect, and careful attention – values we consider important both in the vineyard and in winemaking.


in every bottle

This is one of the fundamental principles of our creed: To give goodness, to earn trust.

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